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Trash and Recycling:

Trash and recycling is to go out on Wednesday evenings.  All trash cans and recycle bins must be placed in the garage or in the back of the house so they are not visible from the street.  If you have a fence you place the trash cans an recycling bins behind the fence.


Also, we see a lot more trash in the community after trash pick up and it is because of piles of loose trash and recycling that is being placed out for pick up.  All trash must be in a trash can with a lid.  Trash in plastic bags must be in a trash can with a lid.  If you have a lot of trash or recycling consider using an extra trash can or recycling bin and place something heavy on top so loose trash or recycling does not blow around the community.  Finally, please pick up any stray pieces of trash after trash pick up.  


Mold and Mildew:

After Winter, some homes will have mildew and mold on the siding. Please inspect the siding on your home for mildew and mold and have it cleaned as appropriate.  We will be doing our walk around and will be sending out notices to the homeowners that need to have the mold and mildew cleaned from the sides of their homes. 


Lawn Maintenance:

When cutting your lawns please clean up the grass clippings and please do not sweep or blow them into the road. Please edge your lawns along the tree belt. Edging needs to be done on both the sidewalk side and the street side of the tree belt. By edging along the street side of the tree belt this keeps grass/weeds from growing along and into the gutter.  Also, edging keeps lawns from encroaching on the sidewalks.  Please remove grass or weeds growing between the cracks in the sidewalks in front of your home to eliminate tripping hazards.  We will be sending out notices to the homeowners that are not maintaining their lawns.  


General Repairs:


Missing shutters or shutters that have fallen off the house must be replaced or reattached to the house.    


Commercial signs:


Commercial signs for contract work such as roof replacement, lawns services, mosquito eradication, etc, are not allowed in the community.  We have a website where recommended vendors can be posted.  

You can email us at and we will post a recommended vendor on our website.    


Architectural Requests:


The HOA Board cannot emphasize enough the importance of submitting an Architectural Change Request form before beginning any exterior changes. This process is easier than ever.  All forms can be found via our website at and submit via email at


Doing all of these things will create a well maintained community.  We appreciate your cooperation.   


Thank you,


Cypress Landing HOA Board


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